COVID-19 update
what we are doing to help stem the spread of infection

Virtual meetings

Online ID checks


By adhering to Government guidelines we aim to keep you and our staff save

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What we are doing

Virtual meetings

We offer video conferencing meetings. This enables us to meet, albeit virtually, and discuss matters as if we were physically face to face.

The video conterencing platform we favour is Zoom as it is secure and you do not need to create an account to attend any meetings. Your adviser will guide you through the process of how to attend your arranged meeting.

Online ID checks

As you may well already know there is a regulatory requirement to check your ID when conducting services Lawrie Mortgages provide. This needed to be done physically face to face but regulatory requirements have been relaxed to adhere to Government guidelines/rules surrounding social distancing.

We are now able to perform such checks via video conferencing together with our secure client portal mitigating any need to meet physically face to face.


Many of the mortgage and protection providers provide platforms where applications can be made online, which we at Lawrie Mortgages make full use of.

However, to adhere to Government guidelines/rules surrounding social distancing many have also started to accept eSignatures. We use a number of eSignature providers and will guide you through how you can provide one where required. If a wet signature, or scanned copy, is required we will guide you through the process.

The new norm?

It is quite possible that the available options above will become the new way of conducting business or, at the very least, continue to be an option for the foreseeable future. We at Lawrie Mortgages are well prepared for such an eventuality and will keep you posted as to any further updates regarding any changes to our processes due to COVID-19 Government guidelines or rules.

If you have any concerns or queries related to COVID-19 and our business processes with you please make contact by arranging a callback or call us on

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